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Thank you for choosing Queen Eyes Company for your Nail and Esthetic services. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with exceptional service. Please read below prior to booking.

Salon Policies


We offer a 10-minute grace period for all appointments. Beyond this time, a $10 fee will be applied, regardless of circumstances. If you exceed the 10-minute grace period, your appointment will be cancelled after 30 minutes (a generous timeframe), and your card on file will be charged a late cancellation fee of approximately 50%. Please note that fees are subject to increase for lateness exceeding 10 minutes.


Appointments cancelled or rescheduled without providing 24-hour advance notice are subject to a 50% fee. No-call, no-show appointments will incur a charge of 100% of the appointment value, including complimentary services or promotions.

Lash Services

How to Book Your Lash Refill Appointment:


1. Select the Proper Lash Extension Refill Type:

   - When booking your appointment, please choose the refill type that corresponds to the set you currently have. For example, if you have a Mega Volume set, select "Mega Volume Refill."

   - Please note that if you wish to upgrade to a different set, an additional charge will apply.


2. Additional Time for Refills on Day 16-23:

   - Refills scheduled between day 16 and day 23 after your last appointment will require extra time to accommodate any necessary adjustments.


3. Conditions Requiring Additional Fees or Full Set Rate:

   - You may be subject to additional fees or required to pay the full set rate if you have:

     - Large or multiple gaps in your lash extensions (Consider a full set at this point).

     - Lashes that have significantly outgrown their original length.

     - Less than 50% retention on one or both of your lash lines.


4. Refills After Day 24:

   - If your refill appointment falls after day 24, please book a full set appointment, even if it appears that you have lashes remaining.

   - If you have lashes remaining but require a full set due to outgrowth or other reasons, please book a removal service. Lashes in this condition are typically outgrown and need to be removed before applying a new set.


*Please Note:* These guidelines are in place to ensure the best results for your lash extensions and to maintain their health and longevity.

Nail Care Services

Things to Consider When Booking Your Nail Appointment:


Standard Refill:

- Standard refills are recommended every 2 weeks to maintain the integrity and appearance of your nails.


Rebalance Fees:

A rebalance is a specialized nail service for enhanced nails like acrylic or gel extensions. Over time, natural nail growth can compromise the strength and appearance of these enhancements. During a rebalance, the technician adjusts and reinforces the structure of the enhancements to maintain strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Regular rebalance appointments are crucial for preserving the integrity of enhanced nails and ensuring long-lasting beauty.

- If your refill appointment exceeds 15 days from your last appointment, you may be subject to a $15 rebalance fee.

- For refill appointments past 21 days, a $20 rebalancing fee will apply in addition to the standard refill charge.

- After 30 days, a full set may be required to ensure the health and beauty of your nails.


Full-Set Policy:

- For the health and safety of your nails, a full set is suggested every 6 weeks.

- If you go beyond the 6-week mark, you may be subject to a rebalance fee for refill services rather than a full set.


Polish Change Policy:

- Polish changes are only performed for current clients.

- Please note that a polish change does not include cut down and reshape services.

- To receive a polish change, you must have had at least one pedicure appointment at our salon.


*Please Note:* These policies are designed to maintain the quality of our services and ensure the longevity of your nail enhancements.

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